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Update: We have stopped accepting donations. Thanks a lot for your generosity!!!


Austin COVID-19 Cases:

If your organization and group need PPEs, please fill out this form and we will try our best to help. At the moment, we do not have much left:

The Austin Great Wall Chinese School (AGWCS) is the hosting nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization for this fundraiser. 100% of donations to the ACCCA via this 501(c)(3) go to fulfilling PPE needs for the Austin healthcare community. Here’s how you can donate(donations stopped on 4/7/2020. Mission completed. Thank you!):

  1. Check: Payable to AGWCS. Mailing Address: P.O.Box 180935, Austin, TX 78718-0935. Please put a note on the check: “Austin COVID-19 Donation“. AGWCS Tax ID: 74-2718929 in case you need it for tax deduction.
  2. Chase Quickpay/Zelle email recipient: Please put a note on the transfer: “Austin COVID-19 Donation“.
  3. Paypal email address: Again please put a memo for “Austin COVID-19 Donation“. Unlike the first two options, Paypal will charge about 3% processing fee.
  4. Donate via Gofundme: (credit card or debit card. You can customize the tip amount to Gofundme, the default is 15%).

Note: After donation please email to report the amount and your name for tax/recording purposes, also tell us if there will be company matches on their way and whether you need us to email you a receipt. Thank you for your support!

“We cannot express our immense gratitude for all your generosity and willingness to donate these masks to us.”

Michele Hawthorne

Area Director

Ascension Seton Medical Center

“That is fantastic news. We heard about your donation coming in and everyone cheered. We appreciate all that your organization does and we know it is a lot of work to get it all together.”

Jason Reichenberg

Director, Ascension Seton Medical Center

The Coronavirus has taken the US by storm, and medical personnel across the country have been put to the test. However, there’s a crucial issue. In Austin, while tens of thousands of medical workers labor selflessly to protect a city of more than two million people, many lack the personal protection equipment (PPE) necessary to protect themselves. These masks, gowns, gloves, and more are the only things keeping our medical professionals from contracting a virus that has killed more than one-thousand Americans already. With the crisis showing little signs of abating, many Austin hospitals are already down to a week or less of supplies, with doctors, nurses, and other health workers often forced to reuse single-use masks. The situation is dire.

Many members of the Austin Chinese-American community have relatives in China. They’ve “lived” through the China outbreak emotionally with their distant family members, and they understand the severe implications of the virus. Most importantly, they’ve learned a lesson that when it comes to a global pandemic, time is of the essence.

On March 20th, the Austin Chinese Community Covid-19-fighting Alliance (ACCCA) was formed to defeat the Coronavirus while keeping Austin health workers safe.  

Through grassroots efforts such as community donation drives, overseas sourcing, and more, we’ve made a difference. In a race with the time, a group of dedicated and determined volunteers have worked around the clock with the PPE supply chain and international logistics.  As of today, ACCCA has ordered more than 100,000 medical-grade masks from around the world and received nearly 9,000 PPEs (face masks, gowns, thermometer, sanitizer, gloves, goggles, and etc.) from local community, another 65,000 masks are being ordered now. As of 4/3/2020 ACCCA has donated 7,780 KN95 and 54,200 surgical masks to Austin facilities, plus 40 overalls, 111 touch-free forehead thermometers, and collected 135,000 dollars in donations. They have called and offered to help many local medical facilities including Seton, St. David’s, Baylor Scott & White, ARC, Westlake Medical and more.  So far more than 40 volunteers have involved in this effort with strong support from the Chinese American community in the Great Austin area and many more will be joining soon.  However, while ACCCA is undoubtedly picking up momentum, the rate of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to rise as well. America is only climbing the curve, and as the crisis worsens, the brave healthcare professionals on the front lines need our help more than ever. Join the fight to protect Austin, our city and our people.

Please donate, the default tip to Gofundme is 15% but it can be customized. Gofundme will charge an additional 3% for credit card processing.

This event is hosted by AGWCS (Austin Great Wall Chinese School), a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. All donations will go to AGWCS (Tax ID: 74-2718929) which is tax-deductible.

Copyright (c) 2020 ACCCA. All Rights Reserved

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